Our measures against Covid-19. Detail
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Please find below all the hygiene measures taken at Alura for dear Alura friends to have a happy, healthy and well protected stay at our premises.

- At check-in, all guests’ temperatures are taken with non-contact thermometers and recorded on their check-in cards.

- All room keys and door nobs are sterilezed before guests are welcomed to their rooms.

- Alura’s cleaning staff uses a new mask and a set of gloves to clean each room.

- Hospital-grade disinfectants are used to clean Alura rooms.

- All rooms are sterilized with ULV machines after being cleaned and aired before guest check-in.

- All our textile products are washed at 90 C and kept in closed storage cupboards.

- All sterilized hotel guests amenities in Alura rooms are for one time use.

- All waste baskets and toilet brushes in the rooms are sterilized after check-out.

- All Alura rooms come with a hygiene kit that includes masks, gloves and disinfecting wipes.

- All Alura social spaces are in open air and all sitting and lounging arrangements are organized to provide 1.5 meter distance between guests.

- Hand desinfectants are in place at Alura at all social contact areas

- Pool cleaning and disinfecting procedures are in strict compliance with Ministery of Health regulations.

- All Alura team uses masks and gloves while performing duties at Alura premises.

- All Alura team took a hygiene and pandemi course

- Service spaces are disinfected before meals.

- All service amenities are strerilized and kept in closed cupboards.

- Staff temparture are taken and recorded twice a day

- Staff regularly wash hands and take all necessary hygiene measures.

- All kitchen areas, equipment, counters and storage spaces are regularly cleaned and disinfected.

- All food items are kept sealed and in enclosed storages spaces or fridges.

Alura Hotel
Alura Hotel